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Terms and conditions




1) These general conditions regulate the sale, including registration, ordering and access to steelground products offered by Segura-Sociedade Industrial de Calçado, Lda, under NIPC 503 689 963, registered at CRC de Lousada with the same located at Rua da Saúde, nº1, parish of Pedreira, municipality of Felgueiras, on the Internet site and apply to all contracts for the purchase and sale of steelground products between Segura-Sociedade Industrial de Calçado, Lda and any user who places orders through said Internet site.
2) For the purposes of these general conditions, the following definitions shall apply:
a) – “Steelground” – Products marketed by Segura-Sociedade Industrial de Calçado, Lda, owner of all copyright or related rights, as well as other rights that may be subject to the protection provided in the Industrial Property Code, on the page / website with the above address and supplier of the goods available for ordering on the same site;
b) – “User” – Any commercial company that places an order through the website / website or the form destined for this purpose;
c) “Create a new account” form required by the user “steelground” is obligatory for opening of commercial transaction process and access to our catalog.
All information given by the user is your responsibility, committing to its truthfulness and authorizing its use by steelground.
3) These general conditions do not exclude the rights and guarantees of the User contained in the legislation in force for contracts of this nature.
1) The conclusion of contracts for the purchase and sale of steelground products presupposes the knowledge and acceptance of the General Conditions by the User.
2) By accepting the General Conditions, the User confirms that he has read the General Conditions, has the legal capacity to accept them and to conclude the agreement for the purchase and sale of steelground products.
3) Orders sent by the user are always dependent on the confirmation of the steelground, taking into account the conditions pre-agreed conditions and nature of requested materials and others not specified.

1) In order to place an order, the user must first register, by filling in the fields in the required form, “steelground”, which will be completed and returned to steelground for analysis, approval and access to prices by companies.
2) After registering as a customer, and approval by Steelground, the User may access his personal account online, by logging in after the introduction of a personal and non-transferable password that he created at the time of registration.
3) As soon as you access your personal account online, the User is subject to these general conditions, as well as the legal and regulatory rules that govern their operation and use.
1) The site is aimed at steelground product dealers who wish to purchase steelground products for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The end customer can consult the catalog and order from the resellers.
2) Information on the essential characteristics of steelground products can be ordered through the e-mail:
3) Segura-sociedad-industrial de calçado, Lda reserves the right to modify, at any time, the information, offer of steelground products, prices, and commercial conditions, presented at or communicated otherwise officially.
1) After accessing your personal account created on the site, the User can proceed with the online ordering of “Steelground” products, using the following steps:
a) Selection, through the search icons or menus, of the product (s) desired by the User and their quantity to size;
b) Addition of the product (s) selected to the “Shopping Cart” of the User;
c) Indication of “Billing information”, and confirmation of the order and terms and conditions.
d) The user assumes responsibility for all requests made with his password .;
e) A pro-forma invoice will be sent later to the e-mail indicated in the registration
f) online prices do not include transportation.
2) Segura-sociedad industrial de calçado, Lda, will make available all the details of the purchase through the site, allowing the identification and correction of any errors and request acceptance of the terms and conditions of the purchase, as well as the Conditions General

3) The User will be informed of the status of his order / order by receiving an e-mail regarding the “Order Confirmation”, and a second message, after validation of payment and or processing of the ordering process.
4) Finally, the order / order will be produced, according to the terms agreed with the User. The transport made by a carrier and paid by the user, at the “Place of Delivery” indicated in the “create na account” and with the respective detailed invoice (or sent by e-mail)
4.a) The damage caused or partial or partial loss of the order during the transport is always at the user’s risk and risk.
5) The execution of the online order of products included in the “Shopping Cart” translates the acceptance of the purchase of the same, by the prices and in the terms described in the order confirmation, by the User, and the User may only order through of the site, through official forms for this purpose or to the e-mail indicated for that purpose in the contacts, in accordance with the terms and conditions announced therein.
6) In the event that Segura-sociedad industrial de calçado, Lda, for any reason, does not accept the User’s request, the right that Segura-sociedad industrial de calçado, Lda expressly reserves, the User will be informed of this fact.
7) Satisfaction of all orders made at the above mentioned site is subject to the availability of Segura-sociedad industrial de calçado, Lda, which will try to ensure that all products are produced after order confirmation. However, Segura-sociedad industrial de calçado, Lda reserves the right not to accept any orders or cancel orders already confirmed for products for which there is no possibility of production, and in these cases, Segura-Sociedade de Footwear , Lda will inform the User of this fact and will reimburse the amount received in case the user has made a prepayment

8) Segura-sociedad industrial de calçado, Lda will not accept orders for which one of the following situations occurs:
a) The “Place of Delivery” is not established as well as conditions of payment;
(b) the total value of the application exceeds the ceiling allocated in cases where applicable.
c) The purpose of the purchase is different from the one entered in the registration form;
d) The product is not available in the stores of Segura Sic Ltd (in which case the user will not be able to add the product to the “Shopping Cart”) or contemplated on the pro forma invoice.
e) The payment is not made according to the accepted by us.
f) Payment is not confirmed, as agreed.
1) All prices of steelground products indicated on the price list, or online for companies, do not include Value Added Tax (VAT), at the rate of 23% or at any rate resulting from legal provisions in force at any time. The total VAT payable by the User will be indicated on the invoice to be sent to the User. They also do not include transport, to which this value will also be added.
2) The prices of steelground products, as well as their characteristics, are subject to change, without prior notice by Segura-Sociedade Industrial de Calçado, Lda. However, such changes will be disclosed by e-mail or other communication with the aim of keeping the users informed, so it is understood that the User knew them prior to the execution of the order.
3) In case of any error in the price of the requested products, either the Segura-sociedad industrial de calçado, Lda or the User may, at any time, until the order confirmation, cancel the order request.
4) Prices are always subject to final validation and according to invoice issued regarding the purchase.

1) To promote the privacy and security of the documents and information to be transmitted over the Internet, the User may make the payment to the bank account requested by Nib or iban by whichever applies.
1) The delivery expenses will be borne by the user, including, on export to countries outside the EU, the customs costs in the country of the same.
The “Steelground” shall include only the costs of transport and customs for export in Portugal outside the EU.

1) Segura Sic Ltd delivers the product or products ordered by the User from Monday to Friday, except for public holidays and on the days and times used by the logistics company, to the address indicated by the User in the form “create na account “.
2) Segura-sociedad industrial de calçado, Lda undertakes to send the order, within a maximum period of 5 weeks, after the day of validation of the payment in case it is pre-payment and / or in two parts. The same applies when confirming the order if the sale is made on credit, by sending the pro-forma invoice, if so explicitly agreed.

3) Segura-Sociedade Industrial de Calçado, Lda will inform the User of the unavailability of the product or products ordered, as well as reimburse the amounts that he has paid for such product or products, within a maximum period of 30 days from the date of knowledge of such unavailability.
4) The responsiveness of Segura-sociedad industrial de calçado, Lda within these deadlines is, however, dependent on the availability of its partners for delivery of materials.
5) In case of the unavailability of the carrier to deliver the products on the date indicated, the User will be contacted in order to be given another date of delivery.
6) The order shall be deemed to have been dispatched from the moment the Segura-sociedad industrial de calçado, Lda delivers to the carrier, and the latter shall be responsible for its delivery to the User, in the following terms:
– The products will be shipped and delivered to the User by the carrier, and he will be responsible for any delay in the delivery of the order according to the legislation that applies to the carriers.
– In case there is no person who receives and signs the confirmation in the “Place of Delivery”, the logistic operator will not deliver any product.
– In this case, the User will be contacted by the carrier responsible for the delivery of the order in question, to re-mark in order for the carrier to deliver the ordered product, in which case it will be imputed the costs to the user of this situation.

7) A delivery is deemed to be made or a product is deemed to be delivered with the signature of the delivery receipt at the agreed upon address.


Cancellation of the order:

1) The User may cancel the order of products without any associated cost, as long as the order has not yet been confirmed by us.

2) If you place an order and wish to cancel it, you must contact us immediately. Only after this procedure can the order be canceled. If the cancellation request is successful, the User will be notified by e-mail of this decision and the cancellation will be processed at no cost to the User. Return of defective products:

1) The User has the right to return the delivered products if it is found that they have defects or other nonconformities with the products ordered, and the return must be made within 2 days of receipt of the order. This does not affect your statutory rights. If your claim is justified, the price paid for the product will be refunded and will be contacted by the logistics company in order to mark the day and time to return the defective product (s). For more information on how to make a return and information about the chargeback, please contact us. Product Returns: 1) The User may return the product (s) ordered 2 days after receipt, provided that: (a) the products have not been used, b) The product maintains its original characteristics and labels intact; c) All shoes have been tested on a carpeted surface prior to use / use;

2) The expenses resulting from the return of the order are borne by Segura-sociedad industrial de calçado, Lda. An email must be sent to to request the return of the order.  

3) Once the returned product has been received, Segura-Sociedade Industrial de Calçado, Lda will analyze and confirm its conservation status and, where applicable, refund within a period of 30 (thirty) days the amounts paid by the User at no cost to This one.

4) If the returned items are damaged or worn out, Segura-sociedad industrial de calçado, Lda, reserves the right not to accept the return and to refuse reimbursement. Product exchange: 1) Segura Sic Ltd does not exchange products related to the size of its resellers. Only and only if the product is defective.


Segura Sic Ltd will make every effort to make the colors of the products that appear on the site as accurate and real as possible. However, as computer monitors vary, we can not guarantee that your monitor is showing the exact colors.

In view of the objective of continuous improvement of its services, Segura-sociedad industrial de calçado, Lda will endeavor to meet and resolve the complaints submitted by the User within 10 (ten) business days, through the email accounting.said.
The steelground products benefit from the guarantee of conformity provided in the legislation applicable to the sale of consumer goods.

1) Segura-sociedad industrial de calçado, Lda., In particular, will not be liable for damages, resulting directly or indirectly from the use or impossibility of using, for any In the case of a computer system, it is assumed that the computer system is not connected to the Internet.
2) Segura-sociedad industrial de calçado, Lda will not likewise assume any liability for any damages, arising, directly or indirectly, from situations of force majeure, as it is understood, any event unrelated to the control or control of the company. This article is intended to provide information on the use of this information in connection with the use of the information contained in this report. , materials or services, breakdowns, supplier or carrier delays, and changes in legislation or administrative regulations.
3) Segura-sociedad industrial de calçado, Lda is not responsible for any abusive use of the date of access of the User to the site by third parties, data that are personal and non-transferable.
Segura-sociedad industrial de calçado, Lda reserves the right to change, at any time, these General Conditions, after notification, considering it made through the publication on the website with the modified General Conditions.

1) The User authorizes the collection and electronic processing of his personal data by Segura-Sociedade Industrial de Calçado, Lda, including all data disclosed at the time of registration.
2) The data provided by the User is intended for registration on the site, access control and training, execution and management of contracts for the purchase of steelground products.
3) The person responsible for the processing of personal data is Segura-sociedad industrial de calçado, Lda. Such data may also be accessed by service providers of Segura-sociedad industrial de calçado, Lda, namely accounting and auditing companies.
4) The User also authorizes Segura-sociedad industrial de calçado, Lda to disclose its data, at a national level, for advertising purposes, including direct marketing, publicity, prospecting and market analysis, although the User may object to such disclosure, at any time.
5) The User may, at any moment, exercise the right of access and rectification of his data, through the mail
6) In the use of your personal data for advertising purposes, Segura-Sociedade Industrial de Calçado, Lda, warns the User that part of their personal data may circulate in the network without security conditions, at the risk of being seen and used by third parties authorized.
7) The User authorizes the collection of his / her personal data and its computer processing in order to allow the sending of orders and the execution of related administrative operations, including their monitoring and provision of information to the User, elaboration of statistical studies, promotional activities and direct marketing by Segura-sociedad industrial de calçado, Lda
1) These general conditions apply from the completion of registration to the expressed intention of one of the parties to finalize the commercial transaction process.
2) The provisions of the previous number do not affect the possibility of revision and / or subsequent alteration of these conditions.
3) The declaration of nullity of one or more general conditions does not exclude the application of the other


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