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Inspiration in the 60's and in the gothic world.

It is characterized by the pointed toes boots and shoes with Chelsea (flat) heels or Cuban (flamenco) heels.

It can have side elastic, zipper or buckles of various shapes.

Originality and irreverence is what makes them irresistible.


It’s one of the oldest Rock N’ Roll styles, the most classic, originated in the 50’s, in South USA. It mixes Country music, Western music and Rhythm n’ blues.

“Rockabilly” comes from the word: Rock (of Rock N’Roll) and Hill Billy, as a reference to the American Country music.

The most typical footwear worn, were the creepers, brogue classic shoes (black and white) for dancing. Ladies also worn brogues, but with low heels. Also cherry’s motifs, leopard, dots, and so on…

Other symbols, like the dice (lucky dice) and the cards with “ases”, hair with extreme volume, gel (greasers), flowers, bandoletes.

Now days, there was an update in this concept and a big mix of styles: goth-rockabilly, rockabilly- pin up…



Internal steel toe cap boots, were created after the World War II by the Germans.

Soon they entered the military and were used also as a safety footwear, due to the resistance and reinforced protection in the toes.

Quickly they were adapted by the Gothic subcultures, Punk, Skinheads, Steampunks, Metalheads…

Nowdays, is also used as a fashion prop, including the external toe cap.


Inspired in the classic 20’s and 50’s.

Known for the sober and fine quality lines.

Worn now days by Rockabilly’s, Pin Up’s, or just by someone that only want to wear something more classic.

Usually with neolite or leather soles.


Mod (short for Modernism) was originated in the late 1950’s in London with teenagers, whose families were connected to the fabric retail.Those first Mod’s were middle class, obcessed with fashion tendencies and musical styles, like tight italian suits, modern jazz and rhythm and blues. It was a popular belive that Mod’s and their rivals, the Rocker’s, were an evolution of the Teddy Boys, another London subculture from the 50’s.

Mod symbol was inspired in the British Royal air force.


It is the concern and respect for all living beings and with the environmental sustainability. Animal parts are not used in food, clothes or footwear. Likewise, the respect for Nature and it’s protection, nonviolence and compassion.

It’s in this direction that our Vegan line is made.

We do not use synthetics or plastics. Only microfibers, cork, pineapple fibers, recycled materials…

Although our brand also uses leather, it is our purpose to increase awareness for the Vegan footwear.

Due to technical evolution, the look of this material is very similar to leather. Being the durability, comfort and absence of odors, breath of the foot…much better!

It’s possible to have modern designs.

To you, thank you for being Vegan. Thank you for allowing us to contribute to this cause.

Nature and animals are grateful.

Only ladies

“Being a woman is to live a thousand times in just one lifetime ...”

“… It is above all a state of mind, it is a gift, it is to have within treasure and still divide it with the world. "- by Silvana Duboc

For the woman inside, we create exclusive gothic models, rock, platforms and pin up.

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