Retailers only. Customization available. No minimum orders, except Vegan line.



What means customization?

Means that you can change, as you desire (with the available materials Steelground has) some parts of the footwear. For some styles soles, uppers different parts, laces colors and so on…

Is the style I customize my intellectual property?

No, it’s not. We entitle ourselves of using that combination for sales, including pictures. It’s yours exclusive, the styles developed, created and pay entirely by you (molds, cuttings, developments).

Which materials can I use?

Just contact our customer service, they will help you with that. But have a look in our existing pictures in our online catalogue, to have an idea. Make as many questions as you need:

Note, that some materials are not possible to use in some styles, due to thickness, lasts, and so on…



Brogue shoes


First: identify the sort of sole(single, double, pointed creeper, pointed or round REAL CREPE, Pointed or round LOW sole).

Second: identify the characteristicts you want for that creeper: laces, buckles, plain apron, interlaced).

Third: identify the leathers you want, with codes: first the upper material, then the apron material.

Code must be written like this:


Note: Stitching colours are made accourding with leathers colors selected.All customized footwear will be used for marketing and sales, it’s not your exclusive.
Laces, piping and interlaced can be customized if requested.
Ask other materials, we might have it storage, but in small quantities.
Laces colors, will be selected accourding with colors used

Ask us a leather catalogue. We will send it to your shop!


We are here for you

Our customer service is available from 9 a.m. to 6.30 p.m +351 255 136 617