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Step by step, sustainable fashion


Steelground presented the new line of Sustainable footwear and Vegan in January 2019, at the fair “Neonyt” in Berlin fashion week.

We did not want to follow the latest ‘trends’, but to help to protect the lives of sentient beings and at the same time protect the planet! – Did you know we have already been making Vegan footwear before being “fashionable”?

Knowing that, the animal exploytation industry is responsible for the emission of more than 50% of greenhouse gases and pollution of soils, water … we have a moral duty to do something that preserves, which is, in fact, the ONLY planet that we have.

Also, why use animal parts in industries, with so many products at present date, better than that?

We do not deny that, unfortunately, we still use it. But we also do not deny that we want to help BE the difference. May this kind of lines, be the norm and not the “exception”.

But we do not want to impose ideas.

But be aware, that “Step by step we help save the world!”

Steelground team


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