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Anarchy Sandal

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Made in Portugal, Leather, Sandal, Steelground Original, Red Snake Leather, Neolite Sole With Rand, Original Product, Shoes, Rockabilly Shoes, Creeper Low Sole, Casual Creeper

Color: Red
Size: UK 3 | EU 36 | USA 4

Rockabilly style shoes are a fascinating blend of vintage fashion and modern rebellion. This style, which emerged in the 1950s, combines influences from rock and roll with elements of punk culture, creating a unique and bold aesthetic. Among the most iconic and sought-after models by enthusiasts of this style is the Anarchy Sandal.

Rockabilly shoes are known for their striking details, such as leopard prints, skulls, polka dots, and stripes, along with accessories like buckles and studs. The predominant colors are usually black, red, and white, reflecting the bold attitude and vibrant energy of rock and roll. The Anarchy Sandal is a perfect example of this combination, featuring a daring design and elements that evoke the rebellious culture of the '50s.

The Anarchy Sandal stands out for its robust construction and unique details. With wide, adjustable straps, this model ensures comfort and security for the feet without compromising on style. The soles are reinforced, providing durability and support, making them ideal for both daily wear and special occasions. The versatility of the Anarchy Sandal makes it a popular choice among rockabilly enthusiasts looking for footwear that complements their look in an authentic and expressive way.

In addition to its functional design, the Anarchy Sandal incorporates aesthetic elements typical of rockabilly. The metal studs and large buckles add a touch of aggression and punk style, while the color and finish options allow for customization that reflects the wearer's personality. This model, with its mix of comfort and attitude, is a true icon in the world of rockabilly shoes.

In summary, rockabilly style shoes, especially the Anarchy Sandal, are essential pieces for those who wish to incorporate a bit of the rebellion and vintage charm of the 1950s into their wardrobe. With their striking features and high-quality construction, the Anarchy Sandal is a perfect choice for rockabilly fashion lovers who seek to stand out with authenticity and style.

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Technical Details

Exterior Composition
Red Snake Leather
Neolite Handmade

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